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                     JPS ACADEMY ASSANDH



A rigorous and broad academic programme focused on developing each student’s joy in intellectual pursuit.


An extensive activities programme, ., incorporating arts, sports, leadership and clubs, where students discover new interests, develop their strengths and follow their passions.


Beginning from Kindergarten, experiential challenges build resilience, collaboration and leadership, resulting in the most extensive Outdoor Education Programme.


A programme dedicated to supporting students in dealing with the personal and social challenges that all children face.


At the heart of our mission towards JPS Academy Assandh the service programme enables learners to become aware, able and active contributors to both local and global communities.

After  . JPS Academy Assandh

Our pupils typically leave JPS Academy Assandh with a profile of enabling them to attend elite institutions in India and around the globe. They also leave JPS Academy Assandh with a profound respect for learning in life and for the world beyond schooling. Our children graduating from JPS Academy Assandh can look forward to their next steps knowing they have had exceptional opportunities to explore and experience at one of the top leading institutions in India.


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Principal's Message
The role of education in shaping & chiseling the holistic personality of the child is of paramount importance. It is in the school that human and moral values one inculcated in the mind of the child which is the later years from his personality in....

Chairman's Message
Education has become the basic human necessity and that is why everyone is been to learn and educate himself as education equips him with the knowledge necessary to face the challenges of life. There is an increasing realisation all the world over that only ...
Secretary's Message
Education is the ability to meet life’s situations. With resistance and diligencelaced with knowledge and intellect, one can soar to any extent one desires. The thrust of education at Shri Atmanand Jain College ...
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